414 Balloon Popping Self Tied Bonus

5 photos; 8:39 video

This is the second installment in my self bondage series. I realized that I had not blown up or popped balloons in quite a while and figured you might enjoy that. So, I put on one of my favorite lavendar sundresses, stockings, and high heels and have a seat in the living room. I proceed to tie my legs together with rope, secure my arms together in front of me with cuffs and put a duct tape gag over my mouth. I do initially forget that I need a gag (I am told it ain't bondage without a gag by several reliable sources) so I do have to hop into the kitchen to grab the duct tape for an impromptu gag. Then, once all nice and secured, I proceed to blow up and tie a few balloons (harder than I realized with my arms attached) and pop them with a pin. It's a fun video! I hope you like it! I have since made the third installment in my self bondage series which you will probably see come up very soon! :)

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