• Custom Videos (February 17, 2014)

    We have finally figured out how to start really doing customs.  Please check out my customs page.

  • 2 Big things in the next two weeks (August 9, 2013)

    First off, if you have a few minutes Id like you guys to go check out my friends newest webpage .  Shes a terrific fetish model and you can thank me after you did.  If your into various fetishes you'll love her and her site.

    Secondly, Johnny gets back in town this week and we both get a mini-vacation at Fetcon,  IF you know us come up and say hi.  Or if youd like to meet us, come up and say hi.  If you have some ideas youd like to see on our website, come up and say hi.  We'd like to meet as many if any of my fans. 




  • (May 25, 2013)

    Im thinking of selling some of my panties that you see in the videos.  If you think you might be interested please email me at or

    Also if you have a fantasy or youd like to see me in a particular outfit, please drop me a note

  • Updates (April 28, 2013)

    Hi Folks

    Looking at our webpage I realized we have done a lot of picture updates as of late. Not to worry, we will post some bonus galleries with vids to make up for the inbalance, so in essense you'll get more then what you paid for:)

    I was thinking of adding a health of the website section so members can see how were doing in terms of members, income etc...  WOuld you guys be interested in seeing that information?  I consider this the members site, Members decide the direction etc....

    As always let me know if there is a particular scene or fetish item, or anything that you'd like to see in a future shoot.  Email me even if its just to say hi. or  You can also get me on fetlife username jackiesubf or johnny as johnny30.  Finally so there are all sorts of ways to get in touch and say hi!


  • (April 6, 2013)

    We found out tonight, my friend Sandra, from www. won fan guest of honor for fetishcon 2013.  Sandra started xsiteability and has been an INCREDIBLE help to me with and countless other sites.  It is terrific that her help towards the bondage community had not gone unnoticed.  Without her help jackiebound would not exist.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that took thr time to vote for her.  It means a lot.

    I also wanted to let everyone know I intend on attending fetcon this year.  In fact Johnny just bought the tickets.  I plan on getting tied for the fan photo shoot. This is the only opportunity to photograph me and whats better its free.  If uou attend and see if you see me down there, please come up snd say hi.  I'd love to meet you guys.



    Today I shot with whitney morgan from misswhitneymorgan.  You can see a few samples on www.fetlife and my twitter page. Johnny bought me a red latex dress which was kind of see through.  I had a blast getting tied and tickled by mistress morgan.  Not to mention I tied up another girl for the first time, yep whitney.  Ill be showing tjese galleries in the next few months.



    We also have a lot of storyline videos planned revolving around popular downloads so stay tuned and Iif you have an idea let me know and ill shoot it.


  • Fetcon (March 21, 2013)

    For those of you that dont dont know every year there is a convention for the bondage/fetish world called fetish con.  We attended our first one last year and had a blast.  It has been going on for years.  It is a place where your secret fetish life can come out in public and stretch its legs.  Its been going on for a long time.  We plan on attending again this year.  It is a great place where you can actually meet your favorite fetish models in the flesh.  Its crazy to see people that have only existed on a computer screen.  Plus everyone is super friendly.

    Every year they elect a guest of honor. It is time to elect this years guest of honor and if you get a chance we'd like you to be involved.  We'd like to get some votes for our friend Sandra Silvers.  Without her help, this site and many others would never exist.  You can see what an incredible influence she has been on the fetish world and worthy of the title she is.  If you get a chance, please follow this link and cast your vote.  It should only take a few moments of your time and it would mean so much to me.

    The link:



  • Fetcon (March 21, 2013)

    For those of you that dont dont know every year there is a convention for the bondage/fetish world called fetish con.  We attended our first one last year and had a blast.  It has been going on for years.  It is a place where your secret fetish life can come out in public and stretch its legs.  Its been going on for a long time.  We plan on attending again this year.  It is a great place where you can actually meet your favorite fetish models in the flesh.  Its crazy to see people that have only existed on a computer screen.  Plus everyone is super friendly.

    Every year they elect a guest of honor. It is time to elect this years guest of honor and if you get a chance we'd like you to be involved.  We'd like to get some votes for our friend Sandra Silvers.  Without her help, this site and many others would never exist.  You can see what an incredible influence she has been on the fetish world and worthy of the title she is.  If you get a chance, please follow this link and cast your vote.  It should only take a few moments of your time and it would mean so much to me.

    The link:



  • (March 12, 2013)

    Just finished updating the site until the end of march.  Youll get to see me dressed and bound for st patricks day.  Also more from the lovebound series, boots in boots, and a new set of me in my yellow and black corset.  I think johnny is getting better with videk editing but we still have some ways to go.  I shot with my friend Sandra Silvers earluer in the month snf should be posting the video from that shoot within a month.  I'm also REALLY getting into twitter

  • Trying more social media (March 4, 2013)

    I just posted 2 new pages. one page is about my twitter account and the other about my amazon wishlist.  I am working on a tumblr page.  Im also hoping that there is a way to post the feeds directly to the page without you having to select the links to see them.  But thats something for tomorrow and not for today.  Its kind of strange to me doing these pages as I am cosntantly telling Johnny that I dont think I have any fans.  But a friend of ours encouraged us so we figured why not try it.  Just like I tell my kids "You should always just try things once." 

  • (March 3, 2013)

    Just uploaded our first story board shoot about a dream that I had a few weeks ago.  We were able to shoot it in Hi-def and its the first time we really are putting the new editing software to the test.  Without giving away to many details you get to see me in my new corset tied and gagged of course.  Some of the pics of this update, which will appear March 7, 2013, you can see for free on my or Johnny's Fetlife Page.  My username is jackiesubf and his is johnny30.


    Also a few months back in September, I lost access to my twitter account. I havent been able to do any tweets since then.  But Johnny was able to reserect the account the other day.  If your a fan please follow me.  On it, you can read about the fun things that happens everyday.  For instance Ive been trying to dye my own rope and its been experiment after experiment and trying to hide my little secret while buying tons of rope has been interesting.  You get to see some of the fun things that go into making my website.  Like the other day I was shooting with another model and no kidding, as I am secured to a chair and gagged Johnny sees a guy wearing a uniform walking to the door. As it turned out it was a boyscout fund raising.  Luckily he didnt see me but it was still funny.  What are the odds of a boyscout showing up with a girl tied and gagged in the living room?  This is far more fun to read about then the news, which is totally depressing now a days.


    Remember, Im not a professional bondage model.  Im a mother of 2 and do this because I really like it.  Come find out what makes me tick.

  • Another fun shoot (March 2, 2013)

    I was able to shoot with Sandra Silvers once again.  This time was even more fun than the last time.  I got to have a turn tying her up and I got to kiss her.  I dont know why, I just feel comfortable around her and have a really good time

  • Fun shoot (February 25, 2013)

    After years I finally got the opportunity to shoot with sandra silvers.  I had the best time.  I also got to shoot in my new yellow and black corset with her.  Her man is really good with Rope and they both gave us some great ideas. 

    Also got to shoot a new set with Johnny, back home, using my new corsets from fredericks and my first storyline shoot.  I cant wait till johnny edits these two shoots so that I can post them.  We tried our hand at dying our own rope and came up with some interesting results.  cant wait to show you guys. 

    Were thinking of getting into the custom shooting market.  If you have a custom youd like to see shot (a past experience youd like to see again) Id love to hear from you.

    Were also looking to shoot new locations.  If you have any ideas for interesting locations/backgrounds ,please email me.  As always you can email me at jackie@jackiebound,com or You can also friend me and Johnny on fetlife. my username is jackiesubf.

  • Mondays Update (February 11, 2013)

    I uploaded Monday and my Valentines Update.  Monday I will be featuring a member requested shoot.  The member wanted to see me wearing my pinstripe business suit and something other then white lingerie.  I guess Johnny really likes to see me in the white but I think he finally understands that some people would like some color?  lol.

    The member wanted to see me strip and then get hogtied wearing a nice thick cleave gag,  Im not much of a dancer though so We decided we'd do another take on this.  Now I really feel bad for when we had Briella over, that Granite was FREEZING.  For my members with a foot fetish, You'll love this series as there are some really good pics of my feet while Im tied up on the counter.

    I also updated the Valentines day series.  We shot it in 2 parts with me in this fusia nightie that I havent worn for you guys yet.  Johnny had gotten me a teddy bear and a dozen red roses for the shoot.  We tried some positions I hadnt been in before.  For those of you with a tickling fetish, you'll love this series as Im mercilessly tickled with the rose pettles.  I had no idea that they could be ticklish.  Also Johnny lets me look at an old bondage life magazine.  The second update to this series will appear the monday after valentines day.


  • Finished 3 shoot today (February 1, 2013)

    Today I finished 3 shoots wtih Johnny.  One was a fan reqeuest of me in my pinstrip business suite. I end up stripping to my bra and panties and getting hogtied on my island again.  I got to wear this really cool garter belt that I like.

    Shoot two was one Johnny had wanted to do.  I have a navy blue Skirt and a white blouse and he just thought it looked so secretary like.  The videos we shot were in highdef and he cant wait to try to edit it.  We got some onscreen tying done for once and Johnny made the ropes extra tight.Smile Johnny Then gagged me with a detective style cloth gag, which ordinarilly would have been easy, even with mouth packing, but I have a sinus infection or allergies making it really tought to breathe.  I actually had to safe word out at one point.  But Johnny was right, the vid and pics were awesome

    The third set was for valentines.  Johnny will likely be away on Valentines so he surprised me with some Roses and this cute pink Teddy Bear.  He spread the Rose pedals on the bed and put out some bondage gear along with an old copy of "Bondage Life"  What can I say, it really put me in the mood for some self bondage pics and vids.  JOhnny then tied me with my sportscuffs TIGHTLY to the head Board and used that gag that I hate, the ballgag trainer.  A fan had requested to see more of me in it, so I was game,  Even though I hate the thing.  Did make some cute pics thoughWink

  • (January 31, 2013)

    The New Logo is up.  I wanted to say thank you to Sandra Silvers for doing that for me :).  Without her help and guidance this site and MANY others would never be. 

    We also got a hold of some new editing software called pinnacle.  Learning a new program is like learning a new language so bare with us as we make the site better.  Hopefully this will increase the quality of the videos that we make.  We are shooting in Highdef and trying to edit to that or something close at least.

    We're shooting Thursday night after the kids go to bed.  We're going to shoot our Valentines day update.  I got this pink nightie and I have some matching panties I also plan on wearing a black garter belt with it.  I think its cute.  Dont know how Johnny plans to tie me though.  We are also going to shoot on Friday afternoon a fan requested of me in my business suite stripping then getting hogtied.  Im not a good dancer... at all lol but I dont know mine taking the suite off for you and getting tied.  Our last fan shoot inspired Johnny to get me a new secretary looking outfit which he also wants to shoot. 

  • (January 28, 2013)

    We had 3 member requests and I shot two over the weekend when I remembered I had another one I had meant to shoot.  The captured Nanny is debuting on Thursday and has an interesting story written by the member who requested it. 

    During the recent shoot with the red blouse Johnny has an idea for me to be tied up in a white blouse and navy blue mini skirt on our island in a hogtie, very similar to what we did when Briealla shot with us recently.  This is interesting because the member request I ran out of time for is very similar to what Johnny was thinking.  The request was for me to strip down wearing a garter belt, string bikni panties (not white) and end up in a hogtie with a thick cleave gag.  Johnny wanted me wearing white so now it looks like I'll get tied up quite a bit this week.



  • Some changes ahead (January 24, 2013)

    Were going to be making some changes to our website.  The new website will be rolled out here soon.  You can access the website either through our old name or by the new name If you are a current member you will pay the same LOW price you've always paid.  If you are new the cost will go up but are still quite a bargain we have over 300 updates in the members section.  We want to produce the same style bondage pics we have been making for you.


    We will still take requests (in fact were shooting only member requests this week).  The reason for the cost increase to new members that havent joined:  Models cost an average of $75.00 an hour and we actually lose money every time we shoot with one.  We do it because its fun and we know you like the pics...well mostly because its fun.  We'd like it to balance out a bit and hopefully bring in some new faces and costumes.  Again, you can still access the website through or and still be a member for the same low price if you were a member already. 


    Another new thing is going to be the use of this blog.  I promise to post more often here.  You will also see more of me on Fetlife.  For those that dont belong, its a free website and a lot of fun My username on Fetlife is jackiesubf, please friend me, I love hearing from you.  As an added bennifit, you can see upcoming pics there.  We are also on flickr and yes, you can see upcoming shoots we havent yet posted.


    As always if you have any requests you can email me at or or jackie@jackiebound.  I return every email.  IF youd like to see me with a particular model, in a particular outfit or just want to say hi, please drop me a line.

  • Some interesting updates coming (August 21, 2012)

    Johnny here:

    Jackie and I are toying with the idea of 3 updates a week and introducing some new models to the site.  Currently there are 3 updates each week for the next 3 weeks with the price remaining the same.  We're hoping that this might intice some people that are on the fence, to join. 


    Also you will notice that we've been plugging jackies twitter page.  She checks it everyday and if you have a request, compliment, or complaint, she responds to all emails.  please, if you get a chance come see her twitter page her name on twitter is maladaptiveJC.

    Also in a few weeks you will see a few new outfits jackie has purchased.  Were looking for shoot ideas and if you have one that youd love to see, please let us know and be as descriptive as you can.  You can reach her by emailing

    Remember, you can get a glimpse at future updates at our yahoo group.


  • Contest For 2012 (November 1, 2011)

    Ive been wanting to change the banner and logo of Maladaptive Behavior for a while.  Id rather it read the Home of Jackie Christianson and it use some more recent photos, although I really do like our logo and banner.  I thought we\'d have a little fun with it.  Why not put it out to the membership.  You make me a new banner that I decide to use and I\'ll give you a free 3 month membership.  Give me a new logo and I\'ll give you 3 months of free membership.  Give me both and you get 6 months free.  Send all entries to our yahoo email at  The cut off date is December 31, 2011. 

  • New updates (November 1, 2011)

    Starting towards the end of November we will be uploading even larger photo galleries.  When we first opened the site, our galleries were only 20 pictures, then it grew to 36 then 40.  Ive decided I will make the galleries even bigger, but thats not all.  With the opening of our clips and images store we will be making even longer videos. 

    The reason we made the videos only 2 minutes was that we fealt it lead to quicker download time for the membership, plus its hard rolling around while bound and gagged.  We have since learned that member want longer videos and we\'ll deliver.  The increases will not affect the price.  Monthly memberships will remain a low price every month.

    When we started the website we wanted to offer a soft bondage website, that placed more focus on the loving relationship between a Dom and a sub.  We got a lot of emails over the years from frustrated partners who were afraid to tell their Significant others that they liked the Damsel in Distress.  They were always afraid of what they might think.  This was our way of saying, its OK to like this stuff and you can still have a healthy, loving,functional relationship.  That being said, we wanted to do it at an affordable price.  We werent looking to get rich off this and trust me, were not.  I like to be tied up, Johnny Likes to Tie me up.  We like to take pictures and videos.  We both love it when people tell us how much they enjoy them.  Believe it or not, its perfectly OK.  We will continue to improve the site and keep the prices low, so that everyone can enjoy it as much as we do.

  • Next shoot (August 31, 2011)

    I might be shooting with another model soon that has dirty blonde hair and a small figure.  I am looking for ideas from the membership as to a theme, ie Lingerie, secretaries, schoolgirls, maids, Etc.....  Please email me at



  • Expanding a bit of content (February 23, 2011)

    I want to include new content so that there is more variety for members.  With that in mind Im starting with the most popular fetish in the bondage world, feet.  I will start focusing more galleries on the following fetishes:

    Feet, Lingerie, Balloons, blindfolds, encasement, and PVC.  Of course our main focus here will always be bondage though.  If there is a fetish that I dont have in this list please let me know and I will include it.



  • vids (November 26, 2010)

    You might have noticed that there hasnt been a whole lot of video updates lately? Not to worry, we do have a lot of new content were planning on showing soon with video. In fact were planning a shoot tonight featuring me with another Damsel thats new to Bondage. If you guys still dont feel there is enough video, please email me and I will do a special video update.

  • Upcoming sets (November 9, 2010)

    Weve been working on some improvements here at MB. First thing is we opened a free yahoo group. There you can see upcoming photo sets. hopfully about a week in advance to start but as I built the group, You\'ll see it posted a little more ahead of time. We will also offer some bondage theory type articles and how to stuff. Also a greater bio of jackie will be available there. Were also working on getting some more models to appear here. We\'ll have more info coming soon on this. If you liked the set with stacie and would like to send fan mail, Or for that matter would like to send any to jackie then send it to These ladies LOVE Compliments and jackie ALWAYS responds to every email she gets personally. As always if you have any requests, dont be shy, email us and we\'ll see if we can make it happen.

  • Halloween (October 27, 2010)

    We decided to do a special update for halloween. That means 3 updates this week. Its two pics from a few of our fun costume sets. Some you might have seen and some have not been seen anywhere yet. A lot more things in the works. We plan on introducing more multiple damsel shoots and more shoots with video as well

  • Updates (September 15, 2010)

    Johnny and I are debating doing 2 updates a week. Essentially we\'ve already been doing that. But in the meantime this weeks second update is a video of me bound and gagged in my jeans which will be available in the members section on the 16th. We are also lining up models to shoot with so if there is another model that youd really like to see me or you have a particular scene in mind then please email me at

  • Surprise update (August 26, 2010)

    Well we had a pretty good week this week with 5 people deciding to join. To celebrate I decided to add another update this week. With some video.

  • August 23 (August 23, 2010)

    Newest update is jackie tied in a black t shirt and panties. If you have any requests please email them to jackie at and we\'ll try to make them happen.

  • 2nd update this week (August 18, 2010)

    Added a guest gallery of Wendys Bondage world. She also included a video of herself bounf and gagged. Please check out her site at

  • Special Update (August 12, 2010)

    Video of jackie in bridal lingerie bound and gagged. update tomorrow

  • Special Update (August 11, 2010)

    We were actually saving this for down the line but under the suggestion of a friend decided to post it early. There are several more parts to this set. Please join to see more

  • August 16th update (August 10, 2010)

    Jackie gets tied in a formal blue dress on the next update

  • Guest Gallery (August 10, 2010)

    Today we added a guest Gallery of Misty Grant, from If you truely love the girl next door look, you\'ll love misty\'s site. Just like jackie, she has a husband and kids and lives and everyday life but enjoys doing some bondage with her husband Stay tuned were also planning an update with Wendy from Wendy\'s bondage world! next week.

  • Update August 9th (August 5, 2010)

    both pics and video with this update of jackie hogtied wearing only a tshirt and panties.

  • 2 new videos (August 4, 2010)

    added 2 new videos today. The first one features jackie tied having fun in her PVC Maid costume. The second features jackie tied in a Secretary outfit, leashed to the bed. All have several parts. I\'ll be adding more video content as I convert them

  • Video (August 3, 2010)

    I\'ll be adding some video content within the next week. Only members will be able to view the video content. at $8.00 a month, you cant find a better price.

  • Next shoot (August 2, 2010)

    Were planning a shoot in the near future to follow jackies recent tummy tuck. If there is something youd like to see us do or a theme youd like to see featured here, let us know. The more detail the better

  • 1st update (August 2, 2010)

    Weve posted jackies first update. Jackie get tied and gagged in the woods while out bike riding.

  • Site is up and running (July 29, 2010)

    The site is officially up and running. There are planed updates once a week on Mondays.

  • When sets will be up (July 27, 2010)

    12 sets will be available on August 2, 2010

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