410 Nosy News Anchor Part I

36 photos; 9:48 video

I am chasing a story for the local newspaper and law enforcement regarding some deluxe car parts that were stolen from a local custom garage. I have a hunch that this large cinderblock building that is largely obstructed by a fence and an overgrown hedge may be the place I find my answers. I am dressed casually in a tight red minidress and high heels as I come upon the building, notepad and pencil in hand. I round the corner when I am grabbed, thrown over a shoulder and carried into the building. I, very unceremoniously, have my mouth stuffed with cloth and then it is secured in place with a hefty amount of duct tape. The bad guy that has captured me continues to throw me down on a bare dirty old mattress in the corner of the garage and strictly hog tie me with rope. I struggle and attempt to loosen the ropes as I look around hoping to find some clues to where I have landed myself. I notice there is a lot of metal in here, but it does not look like car parts. I think my nosiness has gotten me into a lot of trouble and I am not even close to solving the mystery. Hopefully I will make it out of here unscathed..... 

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