374 Happy St Patricks Day 2019

75 photos; 10:47 video

I love St Patrick's Day. I love to walk around and see all the couples wearing matching green ensembles (it's one of the few days of the year when a guy will agree to a matchy matchy outfits). Plus, it gives me a great excuse to don some fun knee high socks. This time, I go a little more basic with a plain green shirt and metallic panties paired with rainbow socks. Johnny ties me on the bed with black rope and proceeds to give me a thick black cloth gag. Johnny likes to give the mischievous leprechauns a head start, so he keeps me secured on the bed for a few minutes before releasing me. At least there's no gold or rainbows here. Oh darn, my brains are already so scrambled that I forgot the rainbows are on my socks. Guess the leprechauns will be able to find me a little to easily. ;)

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