212 Goldie Locks

78 photos; 6:57 video

After today, I hope that sweet innocent curly haired Goldie Locks finally learns her lesson. She has just got to stop roaming through the woods, breaking and entering, stealing from the poor, and poking the metaphorical bear. Maybe, if instead meeting three cute little, cuddly, black bears, she met the diabolical, always ready to play Johnny, we could finally put an end to her crime spree. I don't want to give away the story, but that is exactly what happens for those of you that can stand a spoiler. Johnny ties up the barefoot, stockings clad Goldie Locks in a menacing hogtie with rope and places a thick detective style gag over her rosy red lips. He's hoping that the three black bears are overwrought with hunger, extremely cranky and in need of a nap when they get home and find Goldie Locks, "The Invader" in their living room. Could this be the end of our sweet little fairy tale character? I doubt it! She just looks too cute all tied up and struggling. Johnny probably takes her home and plays with her a little bit more! :)



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