207 Trick or Treat

74 photos; 14:04 video

It's Halloween! One of my favorite times of year! This year, I decide to do a little trick or treating myself. I got in my cute little beer wench costume with white stockings, black high heels and pig tails. I return home a while later with goodies in my bag. I call out for Johnny as I make my way up the stairs, but he doesn't respond. When, I get up to the loft, I try to tell him all about the fun treats (or tricks, depending on how you look at it) that I collected. He still doesn't respond. How could he not respond? I mean, I got a bandanna, rope, hand cuffs...all the makings for some Halloween fun! No worries. I decide it would be fun if I take my earnings and surprise Johnny when he reemerges from wherever he has disappeared. So, after sinking to the floor in front of the wooden railings, I use the pink bandanna (how cute), roll it up and tie it around my head as an effective cleave gag. Then, I tie my legs together at the knees and ankles with the rope. Oh, Johnny is going to love this! Finally, I attach my arms to the railing behind me with the two pairs of handcuffs. I wait for Johnny....I won't tell you what happens...but, I have definitely been a very good girl!


October is officially here! Stay around for lots of Halloween fun! :)



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