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It is time to update the official office handbook here at JackieBound.com. Because....Unfortunately....I tend to forget what I am suppose to do on a regular basis. For example: the handbook clearly states that I am to wear either a business suit or pencil skirt with satin blouse, with garter belt, stockings, satin panties and high heels every day to the office. So, if I try to get to work on the computer while still wearing my pajamas or jeans, there needs to be consequences. Well, the new policy clarifies what will happen in this situation: Jackie is to immediately put on the proper attire and report to the kitchen. Once in the kitchen, she will be tied with rope and gagged until such time that she can remember to not start to work until she is dressed properly.

Today, I forget again. And, I am made to put on my business suit. I report to the kitchen and eventually end up hogtied on the counter with rope and tape gagged. Of course, I have to stay there for a while, before I answer all of Johnny's questions regarding the rules properly. He eventually lets me go to get back to work. Little does he know, I sometimes dress improperly just for the rewards...I mean...consequences (same difference, right?). ;)


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