176 Trailer

84 photos; 4:00 video

I took a little walk in the trailer park, looking for some fresh berries to pick. I guess I get a little too far from home, and soon notice a man following me. I try not to panic as I continue looking around, but before long, he is following me a little more aggresively. I start to run in my black tight minidress, stockings and high heels. My predator begans to pick up the pace as he follows behind me. Before long, he has caught me and XXXX me over to the steps in front of the nearest trailer. He drags a ball gag out of his back pocket and pushes it into my mouth before I can let out a loud yelp. Then, he pulls out some rope and continues to tie my arms behind my back and my legs together. I struggle around on the steps, unable to get away, my white satin panties showing as my short skirt rides up and drool falls furiously down my face. I'm beginning to think this is not the best place to pick berries. A little dangerous if you ask me....;)


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