162 Grey and White Secretary

67 photos; 6:59 video

It is becoming abundantly clear that there is a certain, calculated occupational hazard while working for a bondage website: You will end up tied up and gagged before the days end, every shift, for as long as you work here. So, just as long as you understand the risk, feel free to apply. ;) On this particular day, I am finishing up some paperwork at my desk, but Johnny doesn't think I look busy enough. I mean, Jackie gets good benefits, she needs to work harder he thinks to himself. He watches me warily as I straighten my cream colored skirt and grey satin blouse. My garter peeks out from underneath my skirt as I shift my leg and kick up my high heels in front of me. Johnny disappears, which makes me happy, because I don't like when he examines my work so carefully. But, he comes back a moment later with all sorts of bondage implements. I guess that is to be expected since we run a bondage website. He ends up tossing me down on the coffee table behind my desk. He ties my legs spread wide to the legs of the table, and proceeds to tie my arms behind my back at the elbows and wrists. Finally, he gives me a thick over the mouth tape gag, so I can't protest. I toss back and forth, but make no attempt to get away (I know better). My skirt pulls up as I struggle revealing my blue panties under my skirt. He only lets this go on for a few moments longer. I think he just found me some more editing to do....It's a rough life. :)


Make sure you stop by later in the month to see more of mine and Whitney's escapades.....It's sure to be worth it!


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