102 Boss Fayth Part II video

9:02 video

Boss Fayth has returned with Johnny. She thinks she is so clever, returning with a smirk on her face. But, Johnny wastes no time setting her straight. He doesn't really like it that she thought she would tattletale on me and that he would just take her side. Besides, Johnny doesn't really mind that I look at porn at the office. He knows what I'm into and he has a better shot at pleasing me this way. So, in his annoyed state, he pulls out more rope and takes a hold of Fayth. He puts her in a strict ball tie on the floor and gives her a ball gag that matches her red satin blouse to keep her quiet. Or so he thinks. Then, he does the same to me, but gives me a blue ball gag since that will match my shirt better. He's always thinking. The only thing missing in Johnny's disciplinary procedure....undoing the top buttons of Fayth's blouse, so she can be as "humiliated" as she thinks she has made me. Johnny exits the room, satisfied, to do some more CEO work (whatever that is) while we work out our differences. Fayth and I sit next to each other on the floor in front of my desk, pantyhose showing our now shoeless feet, tight skirts pulling up, and satin blouses pulled apart to give you a peek at our bras. Now, let the negotiations begin. Fayth continues on, through her ball gag, about how she can't believe Johnny disciplined her as well, when she was just doing what any good boss should do. I am a little amused because I think it is ironic that Johnny disciplines the same way as Fayth. They must have gone to the same seminar. We struggle around on the floor, falling down frequently. Fayth begins to kick me with both ball tied feet, so I kick her back. She says I shouldn't be the one kicking her since I am the one that got her in trouble. Eventually Fayth is able to loosen her ropes, and get free. She proceeds to spank me some more and leave me tied up, so I can think of my misgivings a little more. I tell you, she has not done anything for me, except make me glad that I have such a sexy boss to be "disciplined" with.....I am already dreaming up what I can do next week to get into trouble again. ;)


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