15 Hanging Out video

5:42 video

I am wearing a green girdle and some tan stockings.  I also have on some killer heels with rhinestones on them. I don't think I've seen a suspension with someone wearing heels like these?  I finish the look by wearing some white satin panties giving it that 50's retro kind of look. Using some hemp rope.  Johnny starts by tying my legs together at the knees and ankles.  We use special rope for suspensions because he worries about its strength.  After he finished my legs he ties the ropes under my hips and my chest.  He had me hold these ropes in position.  Finally he ties my hands around my backside.  Johnny worries about putting too much pressure on my forearms.  He hoists me a little to test it out and with a jerk, I am in the air.  He quickly puts me back down and starts the video camera.  He tells me he wants to get a video of me actually getting gagged.  I agree on the condition that he will kiss my forehead at the end.  He wads up some cloth and puts it in my mouth and secures it with some duct tape.  Well, a lot of duct tape.  He then hoists me in the air once again.  We have a swivel that we use, and as a result, Johnny will sometimes spin me.  I was starting to get dizzy.  Johnny swats at my bottoms a bit and it stings deliciously. I have so much fun with this and last in the air far longer then I thought I would.  As promised, Johnny ripps the tape off and gives me a peck on the face when we are finished.

Tomorrow is that last day at Fetcon, so this is my last advertisement for it.  If you happen to be in the Tampa area, or attending I would love to hear from you.  Be sure to come up and say Hi and let me pose for a picture for you.  I will be there through tomorrow and would love to meet everyone.  Don't be shy, Fetcon is what made me go from liking bondage to LOVING bondage.

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