My First Suspension

29 photos; 4:18 video

I have been wanting to do a suspension for years. I just think they are erotic and artistic. It always seemed physically challenging as well. But Johnny has never done a suspension before and if I tried something this challenging, I wanted to be done correctly. Not to mention that Id be hanging and it is inherently dangerous if done inccorectly. When I got the chance to try it with the resident bad guy at, I jumped at the chance. We initially didnt want to do a shoot, I just wanted to try a suspension. I was was tied with my bare and dirty feet in the air. My hands were behind my back and my but was up in the air. After a few minutes it was suggested to grab the camera. It was then they decided to add the gag. Some mouth packing was stuffed into my mout and the cute pink vet wrap secured it in place. I learned that suspension also have a mental challenge to those being tied. I LOVED it. I can not wait to do this again.

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