544 Jail

56 photos; 13:32 video

It would appear that I have found myself in a place that no one really wants to be. That's right. I am in jail. How did I get there? Some would say maybe I was too sexy. I wish it was that simple. The problem is that I will do just about anything to get a story. Today, I took it a step too far. I trespassed on Sandra Silvers property once again. She must be tired of me doing that, because she put me in her own personal jail cell to remind me that I can't come uninvited. I happen to be wearing a burgundy dress and high heels, with satin panties, garter belt and stockings when I am found nosing around. I am immediately put in my place, literally. I end up with my ankles chained to the cot in my cell with metal cuffs. Of course my arms are secured behind my back with more metal cuffs. A duct tape gag completes the look. The cell door is closed and the key seems to disappear. Fortunately I am not left there too long. Maybe an hour or two? I hope I have learned my lesson to not show up unannounced. But, I doubt it. Somehow I feel like I'll be seeing this jail cell again in the future. I am kinda hard headed.;)

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