487 Black Latex

53 photos; 16:20 video

The question recently occurred to me: Do I still have latex? The answer is: Yes. I still have latex. Way back in the back of my closet. Now, Do I still remember how to put it on? Yes, barely. I no longer have the lubricating spray that came with the latex dresses. So, I had to use an inordinate amount of Astroglidewhich let's face it, may be better suited for other purposes. But, it does the trick in the absence of other products. Then, does it still fit? Yes, thank goodness. It still fits. And, I think it would be embarrassing if it did not. 

Anyway, I slither my way into my black latex dress and pair it with black patent leather high heels. No need for panties, because I will be kneeling on the ground and no one would see them even if I was wearing them. Then, Johnny obliges my latex/bondage fetishes by giving me a makeshift hogtie to a pole on my knees. He uses leather cuffs, zip ties and rope to do the full job. Of course, he is generous enough to give me a shiny, black, drool generating ball gag. The gag does as promised and I drool all over my snug latex dress and the soft white fur rug under my knees. I hope you enjoy this set. And, I assure you I will not let another 5 years go by again, without indulging you with a little latex amusement! ;)

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