470 Happy Festivus

52 photos; 16:26 video

For you, my darling friends, we have conscionably decided not to overlook the most neglected, infinitesimal celebration of the year. Festivus! And, we got a new festivus pole this year! It's not an extremely sturdy metal pole like a stripper pole would be. But, then again, who needs the extra strength if you know it will do the job of keeping your damsel in place? Of course, we placed our most recent festivus pole in front of the Christmas tree, because we don't want to offend anyone that may believe differently than us. At any rate, our celebration involves me wearing my silver corset (which is definitely sturdy) and matching satin panties with black metal colar, fishnet stockings and satin gloves. In addition, I am sporting my gemmed silver high heels as well. Johnny secures me to the pole with black leather cuffs, small linking metal chains and even a few unseen zip ties. He proceeds to put a thick over the mouth duct tape gag over my mouth. Finally, he sits back on the couch and watches me do the festivus dance (aka struggle) in my high heels. You should really try it! ;)

Merry Christmas! Felicitous Festivus!  and Happy New Year!  from Jackie Bound.com

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