Bonus Update 2358 Sandra Silvers and Jackie Christianson

Merciless Medic Molests Helpless MILF Hostage - Hysterically Loud Laughter in Ungagged, Barefoot, Bondage Tickle Torment!

Doctor Silvers picked out the petite, pretty blond for a ten minute tickle test, taking into account those dainty feet and tiny toes would concentrate the effects of the impending endurance challenge. Requesting her hulking helper prepare the patient, he had strapped their delightful debutant detainee into a rusting examination chair, adjusted for the sole purpose of presenting each pedicured, bare foot to the dubious Doctor. The assistant assailant now removes the ball gag jamming open the purloined patients’ jaw, ready to release raucous laughter caused by Doctor Silvers’ endeavors. The timer is set… the tickling commences… screams of hysterical squeals ensue… But when the final seconds count down the helpless hostage can only plead for her torment to end, between gasps for breath, every muscle aching from the merciless mirth inflicted upon her as, mutually, the questionable medical masters of menace mean to continue…

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