433 Happy Easter 2020

It is Easter Sunday once again. But, this year, due to "social distancing", I will have to stay at home to observe the day. That does not mean that I have to lay around the house in my pajamas and eat pastel wrapped chocolates. I decide that even though I can't go out, I will still put on a dress and high heels and be appreciative. Somewhere in the middle of the day, I realize this may have been an error in judgement. The reason for this is that the only thing Johnny likes more than to see me in a dress is to see me in a dress tied up and gagged. So, while I am cooking brunch, Johnny grabs me up and places me in the living room on a chair in my perky pink tank dress, golden panties, stockings and gold high heels. Once he has me firmly in place, he ties me to the chair with rope and places a shiny gold ball gag in my mouth. He may have planned this considering the ball gag matches my panties and high heels. He watches me struggle and squirm while he finishes making brunch. Well, I guess this an Easter we will never forget...for more than one reason....:)

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