Welcome to JackieBound. I'm an everyday American Girl Next Door, with a Naughty Secret.  I love being tied and gagged!  My Husband and I practice Love Bondage, come inside and see what that is:)  

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My name is Jackie and I have been practicing love bondage with my husband since 1997. I'm a housewife with 2 small children and a dog, living in suburbia, USA.  I also have a full time professional job that has nothing to do with bondage or modeling.  I guess you could say I'm the girl next door with a naughty secret.   The soccer mom that likes to get tied up.  Ive been called the bondage version of a MILF.

Inside you'll find pictures and videos of me, bound/gagged, playing the damsel in distress, and really just enjoying playing bondage games with my husband and some other friends of ours. You wont see a huge variety of models, I will only shoot and play with couples, girls, that are truely into bondage and not just modeling for money, I think it shows in the pictures and videos.   I wear a variety of costumes and lingerie. Somtimes I'm even tied with other women! I Update this site once Each Week, EVERY SATURDAY!.   Currently, THERE ARE OVER 984 UPDATES!!  I offer a variety of fetishes to include: Feet, Balloons, PVC, Latex, Socks, Satin Panty, Stockings, Bondage, Gags, Rope, Leather, Pantyhose, and Lingerie. If we don't include your particular fetish, let us know and we will.  I LOVE trying new things. 


Why I have my own site:


I enjoy sharing these photos and videos with you because Im a voyeur.   Additionally, I think it's important for couples to share their fantasies with each other, no matter what they may be.  For me, this is the best way I can make that statement.  But another big reason why you should check out my site is because I REALLY DO ENJOY BONDAGE!  I love getting tied in new and different ways.  I love the artistry in it.  Im really into getting tied with other or by other attractive women.  Bondage is a chance for me to let go, it is my 5 miles run, my mountain to climb, its a great release for me.   


My members are very important to me and I always respond to every email I get. If you want to drop me a note, by all means write me. I also view all criticism as constructive, so if you have a suggestion, please help me make the site better by letting me know what I can do.

I try to be the bondage worlds most approachable bondage model.  I answer all emails, even if your writing to just say hello or ask me any kind of question. 


How I got here:

In 2000 a bondage supply website ran a contest for amatuer bondage pics. Digital cameras were just getting popular at that time, so I gave it a shot. I loved posing for the pics as much as Johnny enjoyed taking them. We didnt even come close to winning the contest though.

We had so much fun we shot again and again.  Over the years we shot thousands of photographs and videos.  Our cameras got better, our lighting got better, and our collection of gear, toys, and costumes grew. One day one of our friends approached us about starting this website and so, here we are.


You can friend me on www.fetlife.com username realjackiebound

You can also email me any requests or comments  jackie@maladaptivebehavior.com or maladaptiveb@yahoo.com

I'd love to hear from you!

You can also follow my blog here!  I post the coming weeks photos and a few extra pics when Im shooting them, just for twitter.  There is a live feed of my twitter page here, so you can check it out.

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